Spiral dryer fabrics

Spiral dryer fabrics are made of polyester yarns with high hydrolysis resistance from reputable European manufacturers. Another alternative is the use of PPS (polyphenylsulphide), which can withstand temperatures up to 185°C.

We only offer spiral fabrics in the air permeability range of 450 – 900 CFM. Different air permeability of the dryer fabrics can be achieved by using different types of filling yarns which are inserted into the spiral coils.

The advantage of the spiral fabrics is especially the strong connection. The spiral seam has comparable strength to the fabric and does not protrude above the surface of the fabric. The spiral
fabric is therefore particularly suitable for drying positions where deformation of the fabric and consequent problems with seam damage on the woven fabrics occur. A further advantage of spiral
fabrics is relatively good diagonal stability and relatively even tension profile if fabric is deformed.

Product decoration

Fabric series: Spiral D

Air permeability range: 450 CFM – 900 CFM Diameter of spiral yarn: 0,7 mm Fabric thickness: 2.5 mm Spiral fabric of medium to high air permeability with fillers or without fillers. Advantages Medium to high air permeability High wear resistance No problems with seam Very good dimensional and diagonal stability Uniform tension profile during fabric […]