Filter belts for dewatering of paper sludge

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Paper sludge contains cellulose fibres, which affects the nature of the dewatering of these sludges.
Very often a very high dryness of the filter cake is required and for this reason high-pressure belt
presses, which may include press rollers, are also often used. The type of belt must therefore be
chosen according to the type of machine and the composition of the sludge. Spiral belts are most
commonly used for paper sludge.

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Screen for extremely abrasive paper sludge and the most difficult conditions Benefits Extreme wear resistance Extreme mechanical resistance to falding and deformation Typically at least twice the service life of a standard sieve Suitable for sludges with a higher fibre content due to the larger holes in the fabric Suitable for high pressure presses

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Type of belt: FiltraPress SW-paper

Belt fetures High filtrate purity Good cleaning Applicable for biological sludge or sludge with short cellulose fibres