Seams of woven filter belts

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Pin seam and spiral seam

The seam consists of plastic loops made of polyester yarns. The seam is very flexible in case of belt deformation.

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Woven seam

A woven seam is the strongest type of seam. The strength and durability of the woven seam is comparable to woven fabric. The woven seam is only used for endless belts. The machine must unable installation of endless belt.

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Stainless steel clipper seam

The clipper seam is the most commonly used type of seam for woven filter belts. Its advantages are easy installation on the machine, good durability and low cost. The hooks of the clipper seam are made of AISI 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy steel and are covered with polyurethane to protect them from damage by scrapers or sludge distributors when running on the machine.