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Filer belts FiltraPress for belt presses are characterized by high strength, high abrasion resistance and very good dimensional stability under extreme mechanical stress and high tension. The fabrics are specifically designed to allow the filtrate to flow through the fabric while preventing the filter cake from being pressed inside the fabric. The different types of belts differ in drainage rate, size of holes in the fabric, surface smoothness, wear resistance, etc. The belts are usually joined on the machine to form a continuous belt using a stainless steel clipper seam, or can be supplied endless using a permanent woven seam. The stainless steel clipper seam is protected by polyurethane coating. Belt edges are sealed or can be additionally reinforced with polyurethane coating. Belts FiltraPress are used on belt presses such as Bellmer, Vanex, Klein, Andritz, Huber, Flottweg, etc.

Examples of use

  • Municipal sludge dewatering at wastewater treatment plants
  • Apple juice production, especially on Flottweg presses
  • Mineral separation in the mining industry
  • Industrial separation processes
  • Dewatering of paper sludge and pulp
  • Process dewatering in the food industry
  • Process dewatering in the food industry
Product decoration

FiltraPress HD (400 – 450 CFM)

Filter belt with very high wear resistance. The belt is suitable for pressing abrasive slurries in the mining industry and other slurries that contain abrasive particles. The belt is not suitable for biological sludges with a high organic content.

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FiltraPress SW (300 – 500 CFM)

A versatile filter belt that is suitable for most industrial applications and for sludge dewatering at municipal wastewater treatment plants. The belt is available in several modifications for various types of sludge.

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FiltraPress E (300 – 350 CFM)

Filter belt with smooth surface for easy release of the filter cake.