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Filter belts for filtration of fine suspensions on horizontal vacuum belt filters are equipped with a conventional stainless steel clipper seam or with a stainless steel cliper seam with a multifilament sealing. Another option is a stainless steel clipper seam with textile overlap or underlap, however this solution is not recommended as a standard, as the flap can generally be a source of operational problems (lower filtration capacity in the flap area, higher belt thickness in the flap area and associated operational problems, etc.). The belts are usually made of polyester or polypropylene. Polyester can be used for neutral or acidic suspensions while polypropylene can be used over the entire pH range. Polyester belts have higher mechanical strength and higher wear resistance than belts made of polypropylene.

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FGDTex (30-50 CFM)

FGDTex filter belts are made of 100% monofilament PET yarns and are used for filtering fine gypsum suspensions produced by flue gas desulfurization (FGD) in thermal power plants.

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OreTex (210 – 280 CFM)

Filter belts OreTex are used for sludge dewatering on horizontal vacuum belt filters in the mining industry.